claiming my skin



white-washed: my classmates said i
had black skin but white insides, like
an Oreo cookie. first i
took that as a compliment, but
i wrestled with the cognitive dissonance
separating my mind from my skin; was
blackness more than melanin? i
leaned into black power, black 
art, black individuality & the strength of the
collective, learning that my body isn’t a jail but a
kingdom, and now i take pride.

Oh my god.






President Obama’s got some advice for Republicans in Congress: Help expand opportunity for more Americans.

"Stop hatin’ all the fucking time." - President Obama

The President said “STOP. HATIN’. ALL. THE. TIME.” 

My new campaign slogan. STOP HATIN ALL THE TIME

Look at the sistrine in the pink…she’s so proud…lol

"   You don’t have to be born beautiful to be wildly attractive.   "
Diana Vreeland  (via tellmefive)